How to mount a TV on the wall for your corporate or living space!

Mounting a TV on the wall helps to free up table space and also makes watching TV a more pleasurable experience by creating a theater experience, increasing the picture and sound quality and the general ambiance of the room. It is a task that can easily be done with just a few tools. These include a tape measure, fish tape, a pencil, socket wrench, stud finder, powerdrill with assorted bits and a screw driver.

The first step would be to read the manufacturers instructions that come with the television and the mount itself. This is important so as to familiarize yourself with safety precautions necessary such as ensuring the cables meet the standards required and clearing the location behind where the TV will be mounted. You should also ensure that the bracket is appropriate for the size of your television.

Using the stud finder to analyze the density of the wall at different points, locate the joists, which are able to support the weight of the TV.  Most studs are 1.5 inches  wide, and 16 inches apart from one stud’s center to another one. Attach the mounting to the wall at the points where the studs or the drills are. The brackets are attached to the back of the television and later on fixed to the mounting bracket.

The brackets are mounted where there are four screws at the back of the television. To avoid the bracket falling, and destroying the TV, it is of utmost importance to ensure that it is directly bolted to the studs. After placing the mounting bracket on the wall, check to ensure it is level to avoid the screen leaning ominously to one side.

It is also important to hide all the cords in the wall to avoid the eye sore of too many cords. If your planning to hide the cords, then you first cut two holes in the wall, and in the middle of the mounting bracket, drill a square hole. Some distance from the floor, drill a smaller hole into the wall. Using a fish tape, put the cords into the first hole and out through the smaller one.

Now you can attach the TV on the bracket, and do not let go until you are absolutely sure it can hold the weight of the screen comfortably. You can then attach the cables to the TV and turn on the power.  Your TV is ready for your enjoyment and viewing please!


Choosing the right TV Wall Mount

types of tv wall mounts

Update your space with a new TV Wall Mount – which mount is right for you?

Ultra Slim Low-Profile TV Wall Mount

A Low Profile TV Mount will make your TV appear to be “framed” to the wall, this can add a sleek & edgy look to your space! Its locked in place so this type of mount will not tilt or swivel. It sits close to the wall, be sure to see where your HDMI cables & power cable are located – side locations are ideal. If your cables are in the back of TV, then you may want to get spacers or have a space cut into the wall for the cables. These TV Mounts are easy to install and its durable design will hold your Flat Screen TV securely in place. We recommend that you use this mount for LCD or LED TVs since they produce less heat compared to a Plasma TV. Shop Low-Profile TV Mounts



  • Low Profile mounts sit close to the wall
  • Doesn’t tilt or swivel.
  • Easy to install.
  • Sleek & edgy look for your space.

Tilting TV Wall Mount

Tilting TV Mounts sit close to the wall and may be used with LED, LCD, Plasma, & 4K TVs. They are ideal for most installations since it provides adequate space for HDMI cables behind the TV. Tilting mounts allow you to hang your TV higher on the wall (above eye level) and still get the perfect viewing angle to avoid a glare! Tilting mounts allow more space to vent the heat released by Plasma TVs and are easy to install. Shop Tilting TV Mounts

ST201M-Black-1Tilting Mounts for 23''-37'' LCD Plasma TVsTilting-Wall-Mount-for-40-65-Flat-Screen-TVs-131L


  • Great for mounting TVs above eye level.
  • Tilts for a great viewing angle.
  • Provides space for heat release & cable ports behind the TV.

Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Full Motion TV Mounts will work great in any space, even when mounting in a corner! Full Motion Mounts are capable of extending from the wall, swiveling, and tilting for the optimal viewing experience. Tight on space? These mounts will also push back against the wall when you are done viewing. Its easy to install and its durable build will provide great support to any flat screen or curved TV. Shop Full Motion TV Mounts

Articulating / Swiveling Wall Mount for 19” – 37” TVsCorner-Mounts-For-23-to-37-LCD-LED-Plama-TVs-126S (1)Tilt & Swivel Mount for 42″ – 80″ TVs


  • Great for recessed spaces, corners, & old cabinets.
  • Easily extends from the wall
  • Tilts & swivels for the perfect viewing angle.

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